The therapeutic odontology studies diseases of teeth and peridental tissues, illnesses of the mucosa of the oral cavity and is engaged in development of methods of their treatment and prophylaxis.
The most widespread disease is caries — 70-90 percent of the population on Earth needs dental care. Caries is a very ancient disease — more than one hundred thousand years old. It is proved by data given by written sources, data of paleontological and archaeological researches.
“Caries of teeth is defined as the local pathological process of an external parentage taking place after a teething at which there is a ramollissement of firm tissues of teeth leading to formation of a cavity”. Such definition of caries of teeth was accepted by World Health Organization in 1963.
Etiology (theory of a parentage) of caries can be polyvalent heredity, infection, hygiene, metabolism, delivery ….
Therefore well-timed survey, diagnostics and treatment are necessary for prevention of complications of caries.
There are also non-carious lesions of teeth:
fluorosis — at the increased content of fluorine in drinking water;
clinoid defects — at “careful” cleaning and overload of teeth;
erosions of the enamel.

Therefore welcome on surveys and treatment.

What “The integrated approach to treatment” in operation means?
You come to a reception.
You pass the general, radiological and CT (computer tomography) inspection.
After diagnostics and coordination of a treatment plan professional tooth cleaning is carried out.
The surgical stage begins.
Strongly blasted teeth and the centers of acute and chronic infections are extracted.
After the period of an adhesion, orthodontic treatment is carried out (as required).
Then, at desire of the patient, teeth, for determination of color for further restorations are bleached.
Therapeutic stage — treatment of firm tissues of teeth, if necessary endodontic and periodontal treatment, treatment of diseases of the mucosa of the oral cavity — for full elimination of all centers of acute and chronic infections.
Then installation of implants is carried out, and during their engraftment, the orthopedic stage (as required) — orthopedic restoration is carried out for the
shapes of teeth.
After the completion of implants engraftment process, production of crowns, bridges and conditionally removable  prostheses for them is carried out.

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