I am Mikhaylov Oleg Vyacheslavovich in 1999 I graduated from the Poltava stomatologic academy.
After passing of clinical internship, since 2000 I work in a private commercial stomatology. Thus, my general clinical experience makes incomplete 16 years! From them 14 years in a private commercial stomatology!
I am stomatologist versatile person — I have practical experience in the main stomatologic directions (an orthopedic, therapeutic, surgical, orthodontic stomatology) that coincides with the most optimum form of vocational training of the dentist (“general practice” according to the international nomenclature) as only such form in the fullest volume allows to capture all pathological process, to carry out the correct diagnostics, to choose the correct treatment planning with receiving the prognosticated and successful result.

Naturally and responsibility for treatment in general lies on one expert, and in a modern stomatology sides between an orthodontia, an orthopedics and therapy are gradually erased.

Thanks to desire to be improved (education on the Internet, master classes, conferences) I can offer new technologies:
In a therapeutic stomatology – restoration correcting of a form, color, position of teeth,
modern technologies of whitening of teeth,
modern treatment of channels – tooth in 98% of cases doesn’t hurt even in the evening, after treatment;
In an orthopedic stomatology – use of bezmetallovy ceramics,
soft, invisible polyamide prostheses,
sparing (without grinding) “merilendova” bridges,
aftertreatment and stabilization by mini-implants of the flying removable prostheses;
In an orthodontic stomatology – restoration correcting of position of teeth.

one of necessary conditions of rendering stomatologic treatment at the modern level are also completely realized in my clinical work.
I pay huge attention to infectious safety of my clients – it is not only the correct clinical work, but also the principles of infectious safety.
I use reliable methods of disinfection and sterilization according to the Antispid and Antigepatit programs.
Everything is packed into the first-aid single kit which is a bacterial membrane – sterilization, permeable for agents, and impenetrable for bacteria and viruses!
I will recommend you the correct, effective decision — in independence of complexity of a clinical situation.
You will be in one arms and in one place from the beginning of diagnostics and until the end of treatment!
I propose solutions of your problems, but not information for your reflection.

You were tired of incompetence and uncertainty?!
Bothered to explain to you to several experts that you want from them?!
YOU CALL BY TELEPHONE +38 (067) 3468508, +380674324689 OR WRITE MIHASTOM@GMAIL.COM
Your treatment will be executed at the high level!
Having analysed your problems and wishes, I will propose the optimal solution!
You will be aware of all stages of your treatment — I IN TOUCH AT ANY TIME!

You make only one decision — to work with me, I am responsible for all the rest!
In end it is only necessary to notice that any disease it is easier to warn, than to treat.
Therefore, the earlier you address the stomatologist, the less there will be a volume of treatment and the result is better.

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