Demands to a roentgen to pictures.

Modern systems of a radiodiagnosis are divided into three groups:

tomographs, which main advantage – the volume image; orthopan-tomographs, or panoramic devices; and the viziograf intended for aim filming.

In what advantage of the volume image?

Only the computer tomograph is capable to give the volume image. The usual x-ray film carries 30–40% to the necessary doctor of information, the tomograph – all 100%. Without tomograph the stomatologist doesn’t know, for example, a locating the channel of tooth, its exact direction, doesn’t see inflammatory processes which can lead to complications. The tomograph allows to see a structure of a gaymorovy sinus, a locating of a mandibular nerve, thickness and type of a bone that is important at an imlantation, to choose type and the size of an implant, to simulate and unpack on the 3D printer a surgical gage for exact installation of implants.

And the more so aim (a picture of 2-3 teeth) similar nuances don’t show a panoramic exposure (a picture of all teeth). What to tell about more difficult treatment? Only the 3D tomograph is capable to give an accurate account.

Therefore now the computer tomography finds more and more broad application at diagnostics and planning of treatment of stomatologic diseases.



Ortopantomograf allows to do a picture of tooth, jaws and the whole dentition.

The panoramic roentgen of teeth remains the main and most operational diagnostic method in an odontology. On the basis of a panoramic exposure the doctor makes the exact diagnosis taking into account all features of an oral cavity of the patient. During primary survey for an assessment of a condition of dentoalveolar system and preparation of the program of treatment each patient should do a survey picture top and a mandible in an occlusion. Without such picture high-quality work of neither the therapist, nor the surgeon, nor a parodontolog is impossible. On it all seals, the hidden carious cavities are well looked through. The doctor can not always distinguish them in a mouth as they can settle down in prisheechny area, in the field of a root, on contact surfaces. The survey picture is especially important if multiple treatment, an exodontia, installation of implants is necessary.

rentgen3Viziograf belongs to the equipment of a digital radiodiagnosis.

Viziografichesky pictures of tooth are a same roentgenogram, only on the display of the computer. It allows to do diagnostic aim pictures of one or two teeth. These procedures are almost harmless to patients as the radial load of modern viziograf as we already noted, is 10-16 times lower, than at X-ray apparatus of an old sample.


The picture of all your teeth on the computer tomograph is necessary for our doctors for drawing up the preliminary plan of treatment.

Practically all tomographs write down data in the universal DCM format which is possible for reading on universal programs, but usually the roentgenologist adds on a disk not only data of a picture, but also the program it reading.

It is better for us to send such pictures through file hosting services or Dropbox.

After receiving your contact information we will send detailed instructions about necessary for us to a rentgendiagnostika.

Two dimensional pictures — aim (2-3 teeth) and panoramic (all teeth) — don’t give full information on a condition of dentoalveolar system therefore also the preliminary plan of treatment won’t be exact.

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