General stomatology is subdivided into several departments:

Therapeutic department – deals with treatment of teeth;

Orthopedic department – teeth prosthetics – restoration of missing and blasted teeth with the help of artificially created systems – crowns and bridge-like constructions. A bridge or a bridge-like construction consists of base elements and an intermediate part – artificial teeth, that substitute the missing ones.

Orthodontic stomatology deals with the correction of occlusion of children and grown up clients with the help of special devices and braces.

Periodontal stomatology deals with treatment of the base-holding system of teeth – periodontium.

Surgical stomatology deals with operations on hard and soft tissues of teeth, teeth implantation and restoration, and also bone grafting.

We have simplified the given above classification and subdivided all general odontolody into the following types of dental services:

Implantation – surgical department – teeth extraction, implantation, reconstruction of the bone tissue.

Treatment – therapeutic department – restoration of tooth tissue damage, whitening and cosmetic reconstructions of tooth crowns, restoration form change.

Prosthetics – orthopedic department – teeth restoration with the help of crowns and bridges.

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