MegaM Company LTD & Dental Travel Ukraine offers a wide range of comprehensive dental services.

We have all the necessary equipment for complete dental service.

We perform all kinds of diagnostics, including laboratory procedures – diagnostic model of your teeth, facial arcs, X-rays and Computer Tomography scans, CAD CAM technology prostheses.

We can perform various dental surgeries, including plastic surgery and sinus lifting at gingival recession and bone.

At our disposal we have laser equipment.

Our doctors, during the treatment of tooth canal and teeth preparation for prosthetics, use specialized dental microscopes and other endodontic equipment.

Digital Smile Design Technology allows you to simulate your smile even before coming to the dentist. The design a new smile is based on the diagnostic pictures – smile, full face and profile. Using this technology it has become possible to choose individual and perfect restoration of your teeth.

Using Wax Up technology, the doctor together with the technician make a wax model of the future prosthesis, considering the shape, position, and especially teeth occlusion peculiarities. Wax model of future restorations already visualizes your future smile, predicts the concept of the future dissection of teeth. The doctor, the patient and the dental technician are aware of the final result already before orthopedic stages.

According to the wax model plastic or composite temporary crowns can be made within 20-30 minutes directly at the patient chair (composite crowns) or 2-3 hours (plastic crowns). Crowns are made with the help of a silicone key – with a wax impression of the patient model. Temporary crowns allow to “try on” the new smile, show it to friends and relatives.

Our comprehensive dental rehabilitation program includes the restoration of the bone tissue, implantation and prosthetics.

Also in our clinics we have an emergency room, where certified doctors work.

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