Digital Smile Design (DSD) – a method which is applied by our doctors from the very first stages of diagnostics and planning, which helps to frame the smile according to your esthetic and functional wishes. Digital modeling of a smile gives the chance to see the result in advance even prior to treatment.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) – allows you to participate actively in the creation of your own smile, gives the chance to see the result in a digital photo, allowing, thus, to individualize the smile.

Stages of Digital Smile Design creation (DSD) – smile individualization!

First of all you have to formulate all wishes concerning the expected result.
Having defined all your wishes, our doctor receives a series of photos of the patient according to a certain protocol, then on the computer processes the received pictures in graphic programs.

Protocol of photos.

The photos of the patient should be made with a good digital reflex camera (it is possible to use a semi-professional), the main thing — at good lighting.

The reliable position for taking a picture of the head of the patient — the so-called esthetic plane, that is a ratio of the perpendicular (frontal) plane to the plane in the center of the angle formed by the Frankfurt horizontal and the Kamperov line (pic.5). The same position has to be projected upright on 45 ° and 90 ° because pictures in a profile are also extremely important as they give the chance to analyse the face and teeth from the esthetic point of view: to record the occlusion class, the position of lips, esthetic angles — all moments important for the orthodontist, maxillofacial surgeon and plastic surgeon.

In more detail you can read about it, having loaded the  thePDF file.

foto2Qualitative pictures in a fullface with your smile are also necessary.

foto3The first stage – computer visualization.

Further the analysis of DSD of photos therefore important parameters in creation of a harmonious and beautiful smile are estimated is carried out. This analysis gives the chance to choose the most optimal and esthetic variant of your smile.



foto7Follows Further the second stage of visualization of your smile – Wax-up.

The chosen DSD of the photo are referred the dental technician for performance of wax modeling (Wax-up) which and is transferred subsequently by means of a silicone key (print) to a mouth of the patient – even prior to work of the stomatologist. At this stage the patient can try on and estimate design of the new smile and at desire to correct it.

It is possible to look at video in more detail.

Total step is production and installation of the chosen designs (a crown, a vinira, a lyuminira, etc.).


The concept of DSD allows to simplify process of esthetic restoration of teeth, to predict and to precisely define final option of your smile, to improve dialogue between you and the doctor, and the most important to avoid the unclear end results of stomatologic aftertreatment!

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