Agreement for the processing of Personal Data by the website

Joining the current Agreement and leaving your personal data at the website (further – Website), by filling in the fields of the online-application (registration), the User:

Confirms, that the indicated by him / her personal data belong personally to him;

Admits and confirms, that he / she has attentively and to the full volume learned the current Agreement and its conditions of processing of the personal data, indicated by him / her in the fields of the online application (registration) at the website;

Admits and confirms that all the statements of the current Agreement and conditions of processing of the personal data are clear and understandable to him / her;

Agrees for his / her personal data processing by the Website with the purpose of the registration of the User at the Website;

Agrees with the conditions of personal data processing without any discussions and restrictions.

The User gives his agreement for his / her personal data processing, exactly, carrying out actions, presupposed by the Acting Legislation “About Personal Data”, and confirms that, by giving such agreement, he / she is acting in a free way, at his / her desire and at his / her interests.

The agreement of the User for his / her personal data processing is correct, informed and conscientious.

The current User Agreement is applied regarding the processing of the following personal data:

Last name, First name, Patronymic name;

Place of residence (city, region);

Phone number;

E-mail address;

Other information, indicated by the user.

The User gives service the right to carry out the following actions (operations) with his / her personal data:

Collection and accumulation;

Storing during the established by normative documents terms of accounting storage, but not less than three years from the moment of the end of usage of the Website services by the User;

Specification (renewal, change);

Usage with the purpose of the registration of the User at the Website;


Passing on demand of the court, to third persons, by keeping measures, providing protection of personal data from unauthorized access.

The stated Agreement acts permanently from the moment of providing of the personal data and can be withdrawn by you by sending a request to the Administration of the Website, with the indication of data, determined by the legislation “About Personal Data”.

The withdrawal of the agreement for personal data processing can be fulfilled through sending by the User of an appropriate order in a simple written form to the e-mail address:

The Website doesn’t take responsibility for the usage (legal and illegal) of information by third persons, presented by the User at the Website, including its reproduction and sharing, fulfilled by all possible ways.

The Website has the right to bring in changes into the current Agreement. At bringing in changes the date of the last renewal is indicated in the actual edition. The new edition comes into service from the moment of its placement, if other information is not presupposed by the new edition of the Agreement.

The acting edition is always placed at the webpage at the website:

The collection of data of the User from social networks

With the purposes of optimization of the work of the service and of the interaction with the User the Website has the right to collect the indicated in the current section data about the User from social networks:

The collection of data about the User from systems and other social networks

The registration of the User in the system can be fulfilled through the social service or any other social projects. The given way of registration is chosen by the User by carrying out the indicated at the Website actions at the moment of registration.

During the registration through or any other social project, the Website, with the purpose of automatic fill-in of analogous data about the User, and also for the optimization of the work of the Website filter according to the appropriate criterion, collects the following information about the User from system and other social projects:

First name and Last name of the User, his nickname;

The sex of the User;

Place of residence (city, settlement);

Other information, indicated by the User.

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